Introducing: Beginner Box Adventuers

Beginner Box Adventures

RPG Resources for the Pathfinder Beginner Box & the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

D&D Starter SetI work in tech — which means I get to spend my days with other geeks (developers, product managers, designers, etc.). It’s fantastic. We all love games — video games, as well as tabletop & card games.

About 2 years ago, one of those geek friends invited me to join his D&D group.

I grew up playing roleplaying games with my friends. There’s just something very special about the shared story-telling of a game of D&D… So, when the opportunity came to once again roll a d20 & hack through packs of monsters in order to complete some glorious quest (or simply for fame & fortune), I jumped at the chance!

I quickly fell in love with tabletop RPGs all over again.
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