Basic Dungeons & Dragons: A New D&D Starter Set!
Getting Started with D&D

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set FrontGreat news for anyone looking to try the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons, or who is looking to just get started playing tabletop RPGs in general… Wizards of the Coast, the publishers of D&D, have just released everything you need in the form of a 100+ page free PDF available on the Official D&D website here.


They also have a new D&D Starter Set, which was first released to a friendly local game store near you just a few days ago (July 3rd). I ran out and picked up a copy, of course. Pictured here. I haven’t yet had a chance to read through it all yet, but I’ll definitely post my impressions in the form of a review when I do.

In the meantime, it’s priced very well ($19.99 list price… but you can get it on Amazon for just $12.65 right now). If you want it now, you need to go to your friendly local game store (which is a good idea for an item this cheap…you really should support your local game store as much as possible). But if you really need to save about $6, it’ll be available through Amazon and the rest of the world’s stores beginning on July 15, 2014.

New D&D Starter Box Set BackFrom what I’ve seen so far, it’s absolutely worth it. It comes with 2 booklets — one 32-page rulebook covering everything you need to play the included pre-generated characters from levels 1 – 5 (and you can get the rest of the rules to create totally new characters and so on with the free Basic D&D PDF). There’s also a 64-page adventure book with everything a Dungeon Master needs to run a great mini-campaign. And dice! You gotta have dice…and you can never have too many sets of dice (for those of you who have been playing a while, you get a full set of 6: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6 and a d4 in an attractive blue).
I’ll be posting additional adventure ideas here in the next week or so for D&D Starter Set DMs, similar to what I did for DMs running the previous Starter Set.


Official D&D Starter Set Unboxing Video

And if you can’t wait to get a look at what’s inside (Ya, I couldn’t either.), check out this great unboxing video from the guys behind the game itself…





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