10 Best D&D Memes: De-Motivational Posters and an Awesome D&D Parody Video

As you can no doubt tell, I’m a huge D&D nerd, which of course means I love D&D memes. I’ve shared some funny meme style alignment charts before, and now I’d like to hit one of my other favorite D&D memes… (de)Motivational Posters. 🙂

These are just 10 of my favorites — in no particular order:

10) D&D Nerds Reproduce in the Cutest Ways

World’s most obvious dump-stat. 🙂

D&D Nerds Reproduce in the Cutest Ways
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9) Critical Failure 

We’ve all been there — the critical fail “1” on a task you’ve managed to succeed at 100 times before…

Critical Failure D&D Poster
Critical Failure D&D Poster.
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8) Dire Bird – A Whole New Meaning to Fear

This is just a terrifying use of Photoshop. Imagine facing a 15′ version of this as a halfling rogue…

Dire-Eagle-Dungeons & Dragons
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7) My DM-ing Philosophy – There’s a lot going on in the world…

This is one of the great truths when building a world for your player characters to live in. So easy to overlook. Sometimes, the only option should be to FLEE!

The Dungeons & Dragons DMing Philosophy
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6) Fantasy Football – It’s D&D for Jocks

Next time some jock tries to make fun of D&D, show them this…

Fantasy Football is D&D for Jocks
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5) Your Dice Hate You

I think we’ve all suspected this at some point. I once had a 3rd level wizard who didn’t make it to 4th thanks to dice like these…

My D&D Dice Hate Me
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4) Gelatinous Cube

I love designing encounters with gelatinous cubes. I nearly murdered several party members the last time I threw one at them. And hey players…never, EVER try to solo one.

D&D Gelatinous Cube
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3) How to Raise the Dead

In some campaigns, when a party member is killed, the DM may allow you to pay a crazy expensive fee at a local temple to bring them back. So long as you’re able to get their body and carry it back to town. This probably isn’t what they have in mind though…

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2) Those Kobolds and Their Bloody Traps!

OK, whoever originally took that Sharpie to this floor sign is made of awesome…

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1) Too Good Not to Share – Probably My All Time Favorite D&D Geek-Out Video

Not a motivational poster, I know, but probably one of my favorite D&D geek-out moments of all time! If you haven’t seen Roll a d6 before, stop what you’re doing and hit “Play” now! 🙂