Dungeons & Dragons Videos — A Handful of Excellent Tips
A Live Game Using the D&D Starter Set Red Box

There is no shortage of videos online from tabletop RPG gamers. In fact, there’s a “Dungeons & Dragons” playlist on YouTube with (as of my writing this) over 91,000 videos listed!

Most of them aren’t so great (like Google Hangout recordings of games between friends, or rant videos of people complaining about a game system they don’t like, etc.). But some videos are extremely helpful. In fact, there were a handful of videos that I watched several times before I ran my first D&D game as a DM, and I was very glad I did.

Since I’ve watched literally hundreds (maybe even over a thousand by now) of D&D videos, I’m going to share some of the videos that I think would be tremendously helpful for new DMs.

In some cases, they are full-length game sessions run by fantastic dungeon masters, with wonderful players… In other cases, they contain great roleplaying tips & other ideas that are really helpful for both players & DMs.

As a first sampling, here are some that immediately come to mind for me…

1. Dungeon Master’s Guidance — a 4-part series full of great tips for new & veteran dungeon masters.

These videos are fantastic. These were my first go-to D&D tips videos — I watched each of them several times as I began to put together my first campaign. Esper (the fellow who created these videos) has been playing & DMing for going on 10 years. But unlike many players/DMs he has a gift for sharing his knowledge with others…and encouraging them to get out there and try to create their own fantasy worlds.

Part One – A World in You


Part Two – Gods & Goddesses


Part Three – Music & Audio Effects


Part Four – Building a Dungeon


2. Some Tips for the New Dungeon Master
This fellow is offering some fantastic advice for new DMs — and he’s using the D&D Starter Set for his examples (Yes, he mistakenly refers to the Zombie Hulk token as an ogre one or two times, but it’s still a good video!):


3. A live D&D game, based on the D&D Starter Set, by the one and only Chris Perkins.

For those of you who don’t know who Chris Perkins is, he’s currently the Senior Producer for the D&D R&D Group within Wizards of the Coast (the company that owns and develops D&D). So he is working hard on future D&D products.

He is also a fantastic dungeon master. In this video, he takes a group of people who in some cases have  never played D&D (or who haven’t played in a long time) through a full adventure. He does a great job of explaining the game to them as they go, and immediately gets everyone into it — encouraging them to get into their characters as they go.

I really enjoy how the players begin to form a real personality for their characters — like the wizard who is particularly into his hair & making signature spells & the thief who just cannot help herself when she encounters a locked door…  It’s a great game to watch & it really shows you how to be a good player & dungeon master.

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