Introducing: Beginner Box Adventuers

Beginner Box Adventures

RPG Resources for the Pathfinder Beginner Box & the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

D&D Starter SetI work in tech — which means I get to spend my days with other geeks (developers, product managers, designers, etc.). It’s fantastic. We all love games — video games, as well as tabletop & card games.

About 2 years ago, one of those geek friends invited me to join his D&D group.

I grew up playing roleplaying games with my friends. There’s just something very special about the shared story-telling of a game of D&D… So, when the opportunity came to once again roll a d20 & hack through packs of monsters in order to complete some glorious quest (or simply for fame & fortune), I jumped at the chance!

I quickly fell in love with tabletop RPGs all over again.

Sadly, after a really fun few months of gaming, our Dungeon Master moved to Japan. But rather than let our Dungeons & Dragons campaign die on the vine, I decided to take up the dungeon master’s mantle myself.

To begin with, I picked up the D&D Starter Set (and several of the D&D Essentials books & other boxed sets not long after that). And when the Pathfinder Beginner Box came out, I picked that up too. I quickly had both Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns running (with two different gaming groups).

Pathfinder Beginner BoxThe Pathfinder Beginner Box & D&D Starter Set are both great…each in their own way. (I’ll write up a full review of each boxed set in future blog posts, with pictures & notes on running the included adventures.)

Both of these boxed sets come with one ready-to-go adventure for a beginner Dungeon Master (or “Game Master”) to run. That’s enough to take you through your first level or so of play, with one group of players. But if you want more ready-to-run adventures, you’ll have to begin creating your own. And that’s not easy for a beginning DM, who has only run the one included adventure.

For the D&D Starter Set, it can be tough to find good adventures for just Level 1 and 2 characters. While the Pathfinder Beginner Box uses a “lite” version of the full Pathfinder game’s rules that very few pre-written adventures are created with, so you will usually end up creating your own adventures using the resources provided in your Pathfinder Beginner Box if you want to take your group of heroes all the way through Level 5 without needing to buy the rest of the books to learn the full Pathfinder ruleset.

So, I’ve created Beginner Box Adventures to help you out! I’ve been there as a new DM with only the Pathfinder Beginner Box or the D&D Starter Set to draw from…and I want to share what I’ve learned & developed for my own games. 🙂

I’ll be posting adventure hooks & quest ideas to get your players into the game, full adventures & encounters (using the monsters from the Beginner Box and Starter Set), and new beginner level magic items, traps & hazards to challenge your players, new locations for adventurers to explore & for DMs to use in your own campaigns, and more!

Beginner Box Adventures by Beginner Box Adventures