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Getting Started with D&D

Basic Dungeons & Dragons: A New D&D Starter Set!

Get a first glimpse & an unboxing video of the new D&D Starter Set — for anyone looking to get started playing Dungeons & Dragons, the price is right with a FREE downloadable PDF of the full Basic D&D rules + a less-than-$20 D&D Starter Set box.

07 Jul 2014
Traps in a Dungeon Hallway

New Traps for Pathfinder Beginner Box GMs

There are 2 things that every Pathfinder GM seems to want: traps, and more traps. You just don’t always have the time on hand to create your own. So, here are a handful of free traps that would be appropriate to throw against Pathfinder Beginner Box players. But first, a quick tip or two on

02 Nov 2013

D&D Humor (Meme Style) – Alignment Charts

One’s character alignment is one of those things people seriously geek out on when it comes to their D&D game. Arguments can break out at any time at the table if one player thinks another (or the DM) is not acting in accordance with their character’s alignment… But for new players (and new Game Masters),

11 Oct 2013
A Live Game Using the D&D Starter Set Red Box

Dungeons & Dragons Videos — A Handful of Excellent Tips

There is no shortage of videos online from tabletop RPG gamers. In fact, there’s a “Dungeons & Dragons” playlist on YouTube with (as of my writing this) over 91,000 videos listed!

Most of them aren’t so great (like Google Hangout recordings of games between friends, or rant videos of people complaining about a game system they don’t like, etc.). But some videos are extremely helpful. In fact, there were a handful of videos that I watched several times before I ran my first D&D game as a DM, and I was very glad I did.

05 Oct 2013
D&D Starter Set Adventure Hooks

4 Adventure Hooks for New DMs Using the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

So, you’ve spent $20 (or less) and picked up a copy of the D&D Starter Set — also nicknamed “The Red Box” — and you’ve played through the Twisting Halls’ dungeon crawl adventure provided in the Dungeon Master’s Book. Your group of heroes has just reached (or has almost reached) Level 2 and they’re hungry for another adventure after they get back to town and return the artifact… They turn to you, the Dungeon Master, and ask “What’s next?” And you draw a blank… Don’t panic, here are 4 adventure hooks that will get you started on your next adventure, using the materials in your D&D Starter Set.

05 Sep 2013
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